Fluency Therapy

Improving Fluent Communication

Do you experience:

  • frequent disruptions in your speech?
  • repeating sounds or words?
  • prolonging sounds or words?
  • blocking on words?

Speech dysfluencies can hold back your ability to communicate smoothly and confidently. Speech dysfluencies can be a barrier that prevent you from conveying your thoughts and ideas fluently and can impact your ability to connect with others.

Fluency therapy is targeted at helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your unique stuttering patterns and incorporate strategies to manage any setbacks effectively. A speech pathologist can guide you through various exercises, such as slow and easy speech, breath control techniques, and practice in challenging speaking situations. Therapy aims to help you develop greater control over your speech and reduce disfluencies.

Fluency therapy not only addresses the physical aspects of speech production but also aims to foster confidence, resilience, and self-assurance.