Voice Therapy

Rejuvenate Your Voice

Are you suffering with a voice disorder that impacts your ability to communicate effectively? Do you experience pain with speaking, vocal fatigue, high levels of effort with voicing, loss of vocal range when singing or speaking, changes in voice quality (e.g. husky, hoarse or rough), irritation in the throat?

Voice therapy is a specific branch of speech pathology that offers personalized solutions and evidence-based techniques to help you overcome your voice challenges. With the guidance and expertise of a skilled speech pathologist, you can embark on a transformative journey to regain control over your vocal ability. You will be provided guidance on voice care to help you adopt practices that promote vocal health and longevity.

Through targeted strategies, and interventions, voice therapy addresses the specific needs of your voice disorder. Voice therapy may target:

  • Voice exercises and vocal warm-ups
  • Vocal exercises to improve breath control
  • Voice projection and resonance techniques
  • Encouraging optimal vocal fold movement

What can it offer?

–  Vocal health and wellness programs

– Voice rehabilitation after vocal fold surgery

– Speech therapy for vocal fold (cord) nodules/polyps

– Muscle tension dysphonia

– Chronic (ongoing) cough

-Neurological voice disorders (e.g., tremor and laryngeal dystonia)

– Voice therapy for Parkinson’s disease

– Voice training for professional speakers (e.g. teachers, coaches, singers, public speakers)